Jean-François Favreau

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Jean-François Favreau - actor, singer, director and researcher (PHD in French Literature and philosophy). Born in Corsica. Leader of Site for theatre practices Lavauzelle (at the same time together with Marie-Geneviève L'Her he creates L’homme ivre theatre company). From 2008 to 2012, he worked with Teatr ZAR in Wroclaw, leading research and expeditions on Mediterranean chanting and performing in Gospels of Childhood. The Triptych. In 2010 in Wroclaw he established In Medias Res ensemble, dedicated to the practice of Latin chanting of oral tradition, creating the concert/sound dramaturgy Lessons of Darkess, in France and Poland. As an actor, he worked with the ensemble Theater Tanto in Viena performing in adaptation of Researches of a dog by Kafka. He took part in the project Song of songs (directed by Russian director Sergey Kovalevich), in Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Russia. He now collaborates with Alexis Forestier / les endimanchés on Mystery-of-mysteries and Le Dieu Bonheur (2014-2015). After staging in early 2000s while working as an assistant of Valérie Grail (Théâtre du Soleil) texts from Büchner and Gombrowicz, he now develops Marie, camera lucida (Robert Walser)

Jean-François Favreau (phot. Magdalena Mądra)