Orest Sharak

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Orest Sharak was born in Carpathian region in Ukraine. In 2005 he started to study acting at Franko National University in Lviv. From 2007 to 2011 he worked in Les Kurbas Theatre, where he performed among others in Metamorphosis based on Ovidius (2007), Five elements based on the parables of Zen (2007), Bohdan by Klim (2009), Symposium by Plato (2009), King Lear by Shakespeare (2010). In 2009 with some actors from the theatre he established ethno-ambient ensemble Kurbasy, whose work was focused on exploring drama in Ukrainian songs. In that time he also collaborated with Lalish Teaterlabor (Viena), Tomasz Bazan (Teatr Maat Project, Lublin), Mariana Sadovska (Cologne). In 2012 he became an actor in Teatr ZAR: he performs in Caesarean Section. Essays on Suicide and Armine, Sister. In 2012, after expedition to Sicily, he became a member of In Medias Res ensemble, which works with liturgical songs from Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily.

Since 2012 he collaborates with Matej Matejka. He took part in a project "Harmony of Contradictions.Poland" directed by M. Matejka(premiere 2014) and also supervised music for the performance "Awkward happiness" by Studio Matejka.

He plays on different musical instruments from various world cultures.


Orest Sharak (phot. Magdalena Mądra)