Jarosław Fret and Kamila Klamut talk about the work of Teatr ZAR

Breaking Muse 2016

Film includes archival materials of Teatr ZAR:
- excerpts from PIEŚŃ PAMIĘCI/SINGING IN EXILE/CHŒURS EN EXIL, a documentary film project directed by Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro

A coproduction Borak Films – TouchFILMS – Les Productions du Lagon – Odra Films – Teatr ZAR - The Grotowski Institute
Associated producers Andon Akayyan, Béatrice & Louise Mast and André Gumuchdjian
With the support of Anadolu Kültür

- fragments of documentation of Caesarean section. Essays on Suicide directed by Jarosław Fret, presented as part of Teatr Nie-Zły festival in Legnica 15-16 September 2012

Photos and editing Valeria Cocco
Production Teatr ZAR and the Grotowski Institute, 2013